420 Food Club – Gourmet Custom Cannabis Infused Foods Delivered in LA/ OC California

Visit https://www.420FoodClub.com/ to order gourmet custom Cannabis Infused Foods Delivered fresh in LA/ Orange Counties, California. Registration is free for 18+ California Resident with Valid Medical Marijuana Recommendation.

Gourmet, hand-made cannabis infused food is our specialty and if you are in Los Angeles or Orange County California you’re only a few click away from having the best edibles known to man delivered fresh to your door.

All of our delicious edible creations begin with organically grown cannabis, infused into clarified butter and/or organic coconut oil and are made fresh, by a real human person. That would be me, Matt from RuffHouse Studios, and I’m taking my years of edibles making for my cannabis cooking show on YouTube with tens of millions of views and bringing the same quality gourmet cooking directly to you.

Visit 420FoodClub.com to register for free, all you need is a Valid California ID card and Valid California Medical Marijuana recommendation and you’ll be able to order custom, gourmet, cannabis infused foods made just for you!

If you’re not in Los Angeles or Orange County, or if you not into the whole internet thing you can Ask your budtender at your local California dispensary to stock 420 Food Club products on their shelves.

420 Food Club has a mission to revolutionize the way you get gourmet cannabis infused edibles by bringing quality and value to your door. Visit 420FoodClub.com right now to get started.

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