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Crucial Tips and Tricks for cannabis enthusiasts including joint/ blunt rolling tutorials, smoking tricks for marijuana flowers and wax, how-to make pipes, bongs and much more.

Cooking with Cannabis

Recipes and methods to make cannabutter & marijuana oils. Infused desserts, such as classic pot brownies as well as savory treats such as weed pizza and cannabis infused mac & cheese.

Product Reviews

Concise and intelligent reviews of popular and new Cannabis products such as Dry herb vaporizers, wax pens, grinders, electric grinders, cannabis websites, edibles and more.

Marijuana Minute News

With all the changing laws governing recreational and medical marijuana there is plenty of news worthy information in the cannabis space and Marijuana Minute will keep you updated.

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Infused Eats

Infused Eats is a Cannabis Infused Recipe Book of dozens of marijuana infused recipes! It’s It’s free to use for users 21 years and older!

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Blazin' Gear Reviews

Thoughtful, yet concise knowledge from those who know, Blazin’ Gear Reviews and tells you where to find the best smokin’, vapin’ and blazin’ gear on market.

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RuffHouseTV is the official video site for RuffHouse Studios as well as our Cannabis Culture Community of fans and friends! Simply watch our videos or sign up and join in the conversation.

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